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Struggling with your water bill? We can help

Wessex Water have various schemes to assist people on low incomes or those who are in arrears with their water bills.

Lower your water bills

You don’t need to be in arrears to get help from us

If you are struggling to pay your bills, or to find money for essentials such as food, heating or transport, then our team may be able to help. We work in partnership with Wessex Water to identify different tariffs and schemes to help you afford your water bill, this may mean paying less if you pay regularly

Help with arrears

If you have a water debt, large or small, we can help

If you are a tenant or homeowner, and you have a water debt, large or small, we can help.   Our team will identify the assistance schemes that are best suited to your circumstances and needs, helping you save money and preventing any future arrears

Manage your money

We can help you stay on top of essential bills and keep your spending on track

We will look at your whole situation and help you work out your budget. We may be able to help you maximize your income by identifying any extra benefits, schemes and grants you may be eligible for

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