General Info

Food box delivery and collection

Please use the request form below if you need a food box or call us on 01643 802 443. We are trying to arrange delivery if you need to stay at home. We will need your consent to give your details to a delivery driver.

Please give us as much notice as possible if possible at least 48 hours.

The local assistance scheme

For other essential items in an emergency or if you are moving home. Please tell us more about your situation so that we can check if we are able to help.

Maximising Income

There are many ways we can assist you, checking benefits, applying for discretionary payments for housing costs and council tax, warm home discount schemes and surviving winter, as well as up to date info on local grants and schemes.

Wessex Water

Help to reduce water costs for low income households and help with water debt. Pensioners can apply for an automatic discount if living on state pension or in receipt of pension credit.