What is the Consumer Rights Act?

The Consumer Rights Act (2015) is a statute created by parliament which has now made it much easier for customers to understand their rights as a consumer; the Act also covers online shopping as well as goods and services. This also covers unfair terms in contract, such as charges hidden in the small print; the Act states that charges must be ‘prominent and transparent’. Products included in this are goods, services and digital content. To get more information, click here.

What are my rights?

Consumers have the same rights for goods and services bought online as you would do in a shop.

You can claim for a refund, a repair or a replacement if the following three standards aren’t met, it MUST:

Match their description: You can claim if the product you received does not meet its description you bought it from.

Be fit for purpose: You should be able to use the product for what the seller says it will do.

Be of satisfactory quality: You should receive the product without damage or being faulty.

Is there a time limit?

Refund: Assuming the product was bought from a UK seller, you can get a refund up to 30 days from when the product was bought.

Repair or replacement: You can have the product you bought repaired or replaced for a new one up to six months from when you bought it. You may still be able to get a repair and replacement after six months, but the seller has the right to deduct money from the original price you paid.

For digital content, the time limit to be available for a refund is 14 days.

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Is there any discrimination?

Have you identified discriminatory practice in regard to the provision of goods, facilities or services on the basis of personal characteristics?

This could be in forms of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sexuality
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion.

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Who can help me?

The West Somerset Advice Bureau is a charity which provides free, confidential and independent advice to help people overcome their problems.

What we will do to help:

  1. Exploration - Your adviser will understand the full picture of what has gone wrong, by asking questions such as: what was bought? Where was the purchase made? Has the trader been told? And has any offer been made to put it right? 
  2. Independent Research - Your adviser will look up your statutory rights, any contractual rights, any issues of unfairness and any additional sources of consumer protection.
  3. Options - Once the problem has been identified, your adviser will want to know what you want to happen next. Whether this is a refund, a repair, a replacement or ending a contract.
  4. Action - You and your adviser will then agree on a plan of action, with you recording the action yourself. Action will be taken by WSAB, and if necessary a referral for action to be taken by a third party.
  5. Conclusion - follow up will be arranged if needed and the interview will end. If no follow up is needed, Client Care, leaflets or letters will be given to you and your case will close.

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