Friends of WSAB

Our new local lottery 

We would be very grateful for your support!

It's so easy to do yet can help so many.

Somerset West Lottery is a weekly online lottery created to support local causes in Somerset West. Tickets are only £1 per week! With 60% going to local good causes and prizes up to £25,000!

Why do we need your help?

In the past, we have received most of our funding from local government, but pressure on their budgets has reduced funding for voluntary agencies such as WSAB. In response, we not have to competitively bid for funds and cope with greater uncertainty in the planning for future services.

Changes in social welfare increase uncertainty in people's minds about what they are entitled to. This, together with rising housing and transport costs, can increase cases of debt and relationship breakdowns, particularly for those with low incomes. It means more people come to us for advice with more complex cases.

West Somerset has needs specific to its rural and remote communities, made worse by cuts to public transport. We plan to increase our use of technology as well as develop our out-reach locations to meet his challenge.

As a friend of WSAB...

...You will become a vital part of the West Somerset Volunteer community: someone who is prepared to help improve the well-being of those who are in desperate need of independent advice.

Your support could help us with:

  • More home visits to isolated and vulnerable members of the community,
  • More training for our pool of volunteers,
  • Developing our services to meet more needs,
  • Investing in new technology to get help to people more quickly.

A case study

David had a long-term disability due to an accident at work. His partner was working full time and was having great difficulty looking after him and their two children. Both had difficulty reading and found completing forms overwhelming. They were still receiving some welfare benefits but still struggled to meet a short-fall in their rent.

What we did

We helped them complete an application for a long-term disability benefit and for a discretionary housing payment to help with rent.


Owing to the client's exceptional circumstances, both applicants were successful. He was awarded enhanced mobility and care components of Personal Independence Payment (an extra £138/week) and a backdated payment of £2,900. He was given help with his rent and his partner was able to cut her working hours to spend more time caring for him and the children.