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Hi We use JotForm for all our online forms. They are easy to design and have a great range of widgets for every possible use of form. We will be able to adapt our the food cupboard form to fit every purpose.

The forms we use are able to be designed in a way to meet all requirements. The form can split by area and from one access gateway can be two ot three different different forms using conditions.

A field may be added for a unique identifier. This would be a hidden field on the form. If you issue a UI to each agency you would then be able to check on the referral.

The form when submitted can be sent directly to a Quantock FC email and any other email. An email may be sent to the claimant with directions as to where to go, times etc.

It may also be password protected so that only agreed agencies gain access to the form.

We can make it look as you wish – in short this a great tool and it can be designed to meet everyone’s requirements.

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